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    My name is Michael J. Persons and I was born in San Francisco, CA. My wife Kalyani, (Ka'uilani), is Hawaiian and was born in Honolulu, HI. We met 30,000 feet over California when she was a Flight Attendant with Air Cal and I was an Assistant Vice President for Union Bank. It was love at first sight...for me. For her, it took a bit longer, but not much as we were married within the year and have been inseparable ever since. We are blessed with a blended family of 4 wonderful daughters and their families who bring us immense joy. In 2004, we moved from Orange County, CA to the Hilton Head Island area. 


    I have been intrigued with the martial arts since high school, when I walked into my first Dojo in Downey CA, and "that was it". The martial arts has been a lifelong passion of mine. My instructor Grand Master Joe Dimmick was affiliated with Grand Master Ed Parker's International Kenpo Karate Association at the time. My 1st Black Belt was awarded to me by Mr. Parker and Mr. Dimmick in May 1972. Mr. Dimmick later created his own system called Sam Pai Kenpo. I earned my 10th Degree Black Belt in Sam Pai Kenpo in May 1996.


   I have studied and taught the art of Kenpo since February 6, 1966. Currently, I teach private lessons. I have also studied botanical medicine (herbs) since January 1972. I worked at a Chiropractic office for ten years, which has been such a great compliment to my martial arts training balancing healing with self-defense.


   In 2002 I created my own Martial Arts System called 7 Winds Kenpo from a lifetime of accumulated knowledge of self-defense. Click on "Kenpo History In America" or "1,500 Years Of Martial Arts History" tabs for more Martial Arts information.  


   I have always loved to write and to read, everything from comic book heroes as a child to adventure novels, mythology and beyond. The greatest book I have ever read is the Bible, whose principles permeate my life and writings.


   I am pleased to announce the release of “The Warriors of Chilandra” in September 2022. It is Book One in the "Beyond Shazandras Series".


   It takes place in the 25th century, 500 years after the Great War that almost destroyed mankind. In this near utopian society, evil is now beginning to permeate the atmosphere and it will be up to two orphans and a Princess to save their country. Adversaries will oppose each other. One is a champion for good and the other for evil, but only one can survive.


   In November 2021 I released “The 7 Secret Scrolls”. It is a fictional novel inspired by Biblical prophecy. It concerns Revelation 10:3-4, the Seven Thunders prophecy. It is the only prophecy in the bible that God has not revealed to mankind. Follow three Christian monks from a secret temple in Tibet as they journey around the world in search of the scrolls which John, the Beloved, sealed, (concealed), and then hid away.


   My first book was a Martial Arts instruction manual called “Sam Pai Kenpo” that was published by Unique Publications in 1982. The "Revised Edition of Sam Pai Kenpo", was published by Empire Books in 2023.


   Recently the former General Manager for Unique Publications contacted me to do an interview for his martial arts magazine called "Masters Magazine". My twelve-page article is entitled “The Spirit of 7 Winds Kenpo” and will be featured in ""Masters Magazine’s " winter edition, to be released October 1, 2022.


   For those interested in reading that article, I will have a link to "Masters Magazine" on my website when that issue is available.


   If you would like more information on my books, merchandise, martial arts training, or you'd like to be updated on the release of my books and events, go to the "contact page' and I'll add you to the list of readers interested in being notified on the latest happenings.​



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