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Soothe Herbal Liniment

Let Soot​he He​rbal Liniment soothe your aches and pains with

it's  proprietary blend of herbs in a cooling menthol base. 

Bumps, bruises, stress and pain are all part of every day life. Having been involved in the martial arts for many years.  I acquired my share of bruises and sprains. I used Soothe on virtually every pain I have had. My family, friends and students have also benefited from this synergistic compound.
While I originally created it for my martial arts training, I have found many other uses for it. Applying it to my forehead, temples and the back of my neck and shoulders helps headaches and nervous tension. When applied to what would have surely become a bruise, I noticed that the soreness was less and not so sensitive to the touch.  ~Please avoid contact with your eyes  and keep out of reach of children~
The compound is a blend of six herbs and DMSO added to rubbing alcohol, let set for a period of time, then added to a menthol base.
ARNICA-Arnica Montana: Is one of the best known trauma herbs. It is very effective in promoting healing of wounds, bruises, strains and sprains.
CAYENNE RED PEPPER-Capsicum Annum Minimun of Fastigiatum: Is the most pronounced natural and ideal stimulant known in the entire materia medica. Combined with myrrh it will help relieve and remove bruises.
COMFREY-Symphytum Officinale: In a liniment it is valuable for bad bruises, swellings, sprains and fractures.
GOLDEN SEAL-Hydrastis Canadensis: An excellent stimulant, it exerts a special influence on all the tissues it comes in contact with.
HYSSOP-Hyssopus Officinalis: When applied to inflammations and bruises it will help ease the pain and discoloration.
MYRRH-Balsamodendron Myrrh: It is a valuable stimulant.
DMSO-Dimethyl Sulfoxide: It is used to increase the body's absorption of the herbs.
~Simply rub Soothe on the affected area. Be sure to wash you hands immediately so you don't get it in your eyes or other sensitive areas. ~

Soo​​th​e Herba​l Liniment

8 Ounce Jar                                   $20.00

Shipping: Domestic

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2-3 Jars   $11.69

4-6 Jars   $15.50

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